BUDDY BUDDY Protein Nut Butter

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Protein PB - the PB stands for plant based... or is it peanut butter? Either way, this provides easy protein gains without needing to eat (or milk) an animal. The walnut oil takes it to the next level with its high Omega-3 fatty acid content.

80% Bio Peanuts from Egypt
12% Bio Pea Protein
8% Bio Walnut Oil

This natural nut butter contains 30% complete plant-based protein and is rich in omega-3. Perfect for athletes, gym goers, vegans, vegetarians & the health conscious in general, it is also ideal for a keto diet.


Organic peanut butter enriched with pea protein and walnut oil
Ingredients: 80% organic peanuts from Egypt, 12% organic pea protein, 8% organic cold-pressed walnut oil from Auvergne

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