Buddy Buddy Hazelnut Chocolate Nut Butter

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To put our delicious blend in perspective: mass market versions contain more sugar and palm oil than hazelnuts (just 13% in the most famous brand). Because we actually use hazelnuts, our blend does cost more, but we still believe in quality and hope other people do too!

70% Bio Dry-Roasted Hazelnuts
25% Bio Dark Chocolate
5% Bio Hemp Seed Oil

Light Crunch
Gently Roasted

High Omega-3
High Fiber
High Protein
Low Carbs
Less than 10.5g of unrefined sugar per 100g

270g & more than 200 hazelnuts per jar

Great for: toast, ice cream, waffles, crepes, inside or on top of baked goods, basically anything sweet.

Nutritional info
Energy 687kcal / 2874kJ
Fats 63,5g
- Saturated 9,8g
Carbs 13g
- Sugar 10,4g
Fiber 6g
Protein 12g
Salt 0,4g
Omega-3: 1g / Omega-6: 8,5g / Magnesium: 151mg / Calcium: 154mg / Potassium: 560mg / Vitamin E: 18mg

Beurre de noisettes biologique au chocolat noir. Ingrédients: 70% noisettes*, 25% chocolat noir équitable (66%)* (masse de cacao*, sucre de fleur de coco*, beurre de cacao*, sel rose de l’Himalaya, vanille Bourbon*), 5% huile de chanvre pressée à froid*. (*) Agriculture biologique. Peut contenir des traces de cacahuète, amande et soja.

Biologische hazelnootpasta met pure chocolade. Ingrediënten: 70% hazelnoten*, 25% fairtrade pure chocolade (66%)* (cacaomassa*, kokosbloesemsuiker*, cacaoboter*, roze himalayazout, Bourbon vanille*), 5% koudgeperste hennepzaadolie*. (*) Biologische landbouw. Kan sporen van pinda, amandel en soja bevatten.