BUDDY BUDDY Hazelnut Chocolate Nut Butter

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To put our brand new delicious blend in perspective: mass market versions contain more sugar and palm oil than hazelnuts (just 13% in the most famous brand)... But because we only use 2 ingredients - 80% Italian hazelnuts & 20% premium dark chocolate, with real vanilla bean and zero refined sugar - our blend does cost more, but we still believe in quality and hope you buddies do too!

80% Bio Hazelnuts from Piemonte, Italy
20% Bio Dark Chocolate with Coconut Blossom Sugar & Vanilla Bean

This natural nut butter contains 150+ Piemonte hazelnuts in each jar. This means 4x more hazelnuts and 5x less sugar than the most famous Chocolate spread on the market.


Do you see white dots when opening your jar? Nothing to worry about! Our jar contains 20% dark chocolate, meaning that the cocoa butter content is high. Due to the absence of additives and depending on the storage temperature of the product, it is possible that the cocoa solids separate from the rest and appear as small white dots on the surface of the product. Simply re-mix well or place the jar in a slightly warmer place so that the cocoa butter melts. Although it looks unsightly, this doesn't make the product unfit for consumption and can often happen with other chocolate spreads too.


Organic hazelnut butter with dark chocolate
Ingredients: 80% organic hazelnuts from Italy, 20% organic fair trade dark chocolate (organic cacao mass, organic coconut blossom sugar, organic cocoa butter, pink Himalayan salt, organic vanilla bean from Madagascar)


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