Buddy Buddy Almond Butter

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On its own it’s savoury and so good - or pair it with something sweet and it’ll work like a treat. Packed with antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, it’s good for your skin, hair, immune system and even aids muscles after workouts.

99,7% Bio Whole Almonds
00,3% Pink Himalayan Salt

Smooth Feel
Golden Roast

Great for: toast, smoothies, porridge, in or on baked goods, works well with hummus, but also with red berries, banana slices & chocolate

Our organic almonds come from Spain.

FR: Beurre d’amandes complètes biologique

Ingrédients: 99,7% amandes complètes biologiques, 0,3% sel rose de l’Himalaya.  Peut contenir des traces de noisette et cacahuète.

NL: Biologische volle amandelpasta

Ingrediënten: 99,7% biologische volle amandelen, 0,3% roze himalayazout. Kan sporen van hazelnoot en pinda bevatten.