We are always looking at how we can improve our impact by giving back.

We’re not going to preach like we’re perfect but we remain committed to reducing our carbon footprint, working with likeminded suppliers and increasing sustainability on all fronts. There are many things we try to get right: we reject pesticides, we try to source the best fair-trade nuts as close to Belgium as possible, hire as diversely as possible and pay a living wage. We are proud to be a queer-owned small family business and our cafe is a safe space for all. 
But there’s always more to improve on!

Due to growing demand, we must re-invest almost every euro we make to keep up. It’s a happy problem - but reinvesting takes a lot of our capital. One day we hope to be bigger and have more influence to inspire change. We aren’t there yet - but the truth is you don’t have to be a big company to take action

BUDDY BUDDY currently donates to the following organisations:
- WWF (we also donate €0,10 per jar returned to us to WWF);
- Rainbow House Brussels;
- Sea Shepherd;
- Amazon Watch;
- Cool Earth;
- Stonewall UK.

We want to be part of the solution and tackle issues such as: 
- exploitation and cruelty against our animal buddies;
- deforestation and climate change;
- inequality and discrimination against LGBTQ+ buddies;
- ocean degradation and disappearing marine life;
- pesticides, chemicals, plastics etc contaminating food and harming our precious ecosystem.

There are of course countless problems, injustice and suffering and we promise to do more as we grow. 


We believe in giving back and are proud of our internal volunteering program. In addition to volunteering as a team at Help Animals, we encourage all our team members to volunteer at a charity of their choice one full day every year, paid like a normal workday.

If you have any feed-back or suggestions for us, please do get in touch with Veronika, our Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), using our contact form.