Welcome to our Nut Butter Atelier - the first of its kind in Belgium! From roasting to labelling, each nut butter is delicately crafted with love, care and dedication.


Our team of buddies work hard to craft the best nut butters possible.

The nuts arrive raw and leave as velvety smooth nut butters.

A typical day for our atelier consists of:

Selecting and sorting the best nuts

Roasting them to perfection

Grinding and mixing the finest ingredients

Pouring, jarring and labelling each jar by hand


We craft our nut butters in our own atelier and have extremely high standards. We proudly do everything ourselves.

This makes us unique because many of our competitors choose the easy path and hire industrial food makers to produce for them. But in turn they lose control, and rely on these industrial companies, often outside Belgium to produce for them. That's a great business model - and saves a lot of time and stress.

But we are going for the highest quality approach possible. It's not always easy, and we've had to learn a lot about machinery, logistics, production processes, basically everything! But retaining the highest quality and flexibility that comes with producing ourselves is very rewarding and something we can pride ourselves on.