Founded in January 2020, BUDDY BUDDY is Europe’s first nut butter café & atelier.

At BUDDY BUDDY, we embody the values of sustainability, local handcraft, and premiumness in every jar of nut butter we create.

We craft our nut butters at our atelier in Brussels with the finest organic ingredients, ensuring a rich and delicious taste with every bite. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do, and we are committed to reducing waste and our carbon footprint by sourcing locally and using organic ingredients.

Our coffee bar in Brussels serves as the heart of our brand and our mission. We invite you to come and experience the full range of our nut butters and join us in our passion for wholesome handcrafted nut butters.

Whether you're looking for a premium nut butter to indulge in as a delicious treat or to enhance your cooking and baking, BUDDY BUDDY has got you covered.

With our commitment to sustainability, local handcraft, and premium quality, you can feel good about every jar of BUDDY BUDDY nut butter you enjoy.

How did it start? We began experimenting and making our own nut butters at home when we decided to transition towards a plant-based lifestyle. By taking control of the ingredients, quantities, and roasting process, we realized we could craft something special. We started sharing them with our buddies, and that’s how our family business started.

Today, we’re happy to share that you can find our nut butters in our flagship coffee bar in Brussels, on our web-shop, as well as in 400+ stores in nine countries and counting.




We lovingly craft nutritious wholesome specialty nut butters in small batches in our atelier in Brussels. 

We source the best quality organic nuts directly from farmers in short circuits whenever possible:

  • French Hazelnuts from Lot-et-Garonne
  • Spanish Almonds from the Valencia or Tarragona regions
  • Nicaraguan Peanuts from Léon

Each nut is roasted to perfection at our atelier, then immediately crushed to smithereens, mixed with other premium ingredients and put into jars, all by hand.  

Taste the difference



We proudly opened the first nut butter café in Europe, just a few minutes' walk from the Apple Store in Brussels. Fully plant-based, we serve all-day nutty treats and signature drinks from Monday to Sunday, 364 days per year (only closed on Christmas Day).

Our signature menu celebrates our organic premium nut butters, crafted by us in our atelier in Brussels. We think it’s the perfect way for you to try just how versatile they are!




We believe in building a business that gives back. We’re not going to preach like we’re perfect, but we remain committed to reducing our carbon footprint, working with like minded suppliers, being inclusive and increasing sustainability on all fronts. There are many things we try to get right: we reject pesticides, we try to source the best quality organic nuts as close to Belgium as possible, hire as diversely as possible and pay a living wage. But there’s always more to improve on, so we’re not going to stop trying.

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