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BUDDY BUDDY Nut Butter Atelier is the home of premium organic nut butters. Located in Brussels, it is run by Matt (from New Zealand) and Julien (from Belgium).

Our story

We began experimenting and making our own nut butters at home a few years ago when we decided to transition towards a fully plant-based lifestyle.

We've always hated the added ingredients (sugar, palm oil, preservatives, emulsifiers) found in even the fancy-looking versions of hazelnut chocolate and other nut butters.

By taking control of the ingredients, quantities and roasting process, we realised we could craft something special. So we began sharing our nut butters with our buddies. And that’s how our family business started.

Nut Butter Atelier

At BUDDY BUDDY, we lovingly craft nutritious wholesome nut butters in small batches.

Each nut is roasted to perfection, crushed to smithereens, mixed with premium ingredients, then jarred and labelled, all by hand and on-site, at our Brussels atelier.

We put all our ingredients on the front of our label as we have nothing to hide. Nuts are expensive, but we believe some people want quality rather than additives which water down the product to make it as cheap as possible.

We source the best quality organic nuts, directly from farmers in short circuit whenever possible, and without having to get them from the other side of the world. We proudly use:

Italian Piedmont hazelnuts:

  • The best in the world
  • Stringent E.U. regulations
  • Stricter organic standards
  • Lowest carbon footprint
  • Support to fellow E.U. businesses

Spanish Valencian almonds:

  • Our personal favourite
  • Stringent E.U. regulations
  • Stricter organic standards
  • Lowest carbon footprint
  • Support to fellow E.U. businesses

Egyptian peanuts:

The best bio peanuts from the closest country to the E.U. producing certified organic peanuts.


Photo by Michael Cerrone, HOP Architects, Amsterdam
Photo by Michael Cerrone, HOP Architects, Amsterdam


Plant-based café

Our atelier also features a plant-based café which offers all-day nutty treats & signature drinks. All the options on the menu feature one of the homemade nut butters, to show how versatile they are!

To read more about our Brussels café, click here.
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