About Us


We're an independent nut butter atelier and a specialty coffee bar. 

Nut Butter Atelier:

We've always hated the added ingredients (sugar, palm oil, preservatives, emulsifiers) found in even the fancy-looking versions of hazelnut chocolate and other nut butters.

So we started making our own at home a few years back.. which ended up being delicious. We put our ingredients on the front of our label as we have nothing to hide. We use a lot of nuts in our nut butters.

Nuts are expensive, but we believe some people want quality rather than additives which water down the product to make it as cheap as possible.


Photo by Michael Cerrone, HOP Architects, Amsterdam
Photo by Michael Cerrone, HOP Architects, Amsterdam


Specialty Coffee Bar & Eatery:

We're a plant-based coffee bar with a high attention to quality coffee. Our beans are selected and roasted by MOK, our Brussels-based buddies and award-winning micro-roasters.

The kitchen serves all-day breakfast, lunch and treats. The counter is stocked up with delicious plant-based pastries, cakes, cookies and more. Make sure to try our peanut butter cups!

We love showcasing how versatile nut butters can be. 



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